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When Does a Patient Need to Be Seen?

Anne Polta | July 28, 2014

You need a refill for a prescription that's about to run out. You've taken the medication for years without any problems and can't think of any reason why the prescription can't just be automatically continued. But the doctor won't order a refill unless you make an appointment and come in to be seen. Is this an unfair burden on the patient or due diligence by the doctor?...

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Recent Tributes to Jessie Gruman, CFAH Founder and President

Center for Advancing Health | July 25, 2014
Last week we gathered several tributes to Jessie that were published in the days following her death on July 14. Here are additional acknowledgments of Jessie that have come to our attention since then...

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What Community Health Leaders Told CFAH About Patient Engagement

CFAH Staff | July 23, 2014
"When I think of patient engagement, I think of a partnership where people work together to figure out what the patient wants and how to support the process. Engagement is the knowledge base, working through the decisions and helping people to become full partners in their health outcomes." – June Simmons, MSW — Founding President and CEO, Partners in Care Foundation, San Fernando, CA

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Has Patient-Centered Health Care Run Amok?

Trudy Lieberman | July 22, 2014
In the late 1990s, when the Institute of Medicine released their landmark Quality Chasm report saying that patients "should be given the necessary information and the opportunity to exercise the degree of control they choose over health care decisions that affect them," I don't think this is what they had in mind...

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How to Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections

Bonnie Friedman | July 21, 2014
We go to the hospital to get better, right? But it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes patients become sicker, not because their illnesses are untreatable, but because deadly bugs can overtake a hospital's ecosystem and wreak havoc, especially among the most ill. Not long ago, this happened to my husband...

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Remembering Jessie Gruman

Center for Advancing Health | July 18, 2014
A message from Jessie's family and excerpts from tributes that have been written in Jessie's honor.

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In Memoriam: Jessie Gruman

Center for Advancing Health | July 14, 2014
The president and founder of the Center for Advancing Health died at home on Monday, July 14, 2014 after a long illness.

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A Patient Responds to What 'Experts' Say About Patient Engagement

Carolyn Thomas | July 14, 2014
I was one of the patients interviewed for the recently published Center for Advancing Health report called "Here to Stay: What Health Care Leaders Say About Patient Engagement". It's an interesting, illuminating and frustrating document to read. My concern, as a person who's pretty darned engaged in my own health care, is not that the phrase is meaningless. It's more that non-patients have co-opted the concept of patient engagement for their own purposes...

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