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What Patients Told CFAH About Patient Engagement

CFAH Staff | August 27, 2014

"There's a prevailing attitude on the side of clinicians that looking for and using [our own] information is not good behavior on our parts. I think that attitude is a big barrier; people don't want to be seen as troublemakers for asking too many questions, disagreeing with a clinician, or bringing information to the table." – Kelly Young – Patient Advocate, President of the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation, and Founder of Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior blog

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Consumer Choice Clashes With the Affordable Care Act

Trudy Lieberman | August 27, 2014
Recently the Department of Health and Human Services proposed that most of the federal health exchange policyholders be automatically re-enrolled next year in the same policy offered by the same company. That's right, no shopping around...

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Tributes and Honors for Jessie Gruman

Center for Advancing Health | August 26, 2014
"Jessie represented the voice of 'the patient'...Our lives were enriched by her intellect, her humor and her friendship. Participatory medicine is different, and better, because of what Jessie accomplished while she lived, and by what she has left behind. We should all aspire to leave as meaningful a legacy." – Charlie Smith, MD, the Journal of Participatory Medicine

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Why I Fired My Doctor and What You Should Look for in Yours

Donna Cryer | August 25, 2014
My new doctor and I clashed in every way. The short story is that I found another doctor who was a better fit for my "patient style." So what can you learn from my experience? First off, here are two questions you should ask yourself...

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An Advantage for Medicare Patients or Just for Health Plans?

Trudy Lieberman | August 20, 2014
That the government overpays sellers of Medicare Advantage plans is well known in Beltway circles, even if much of the public remains unaware…

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What Health Insurers Told CFAH About Patient Engagement

CFAH Staff | August 20, 2014
"Most health plans view engagement as important and want to support it. But they recognize that they are only one (relatively weak) factor in supporting patient/consumer engagement... Their customers want their insurance premiums going to medical care, not a bunch of mailings about things they already know they should do..." – Arthur Southam, MD – Executive Vice President of Health Plan Operations, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Oakland, CA

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From Wonder Drug to Medical Reversal

John Schumann | August 19, 2014
One thing seems to be sure in medicine: if we just wait long enough for excellent science to guide us ahead, things we trust as ironclad rules often change. Case in point...

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Amy Berman and Health Affairs Remember Jessie Gruman

Amy Berman | August 18, 2014
Jessie was a hero to patients, families, and health care providers for her selfless work to help people better understand their role and responsibilities in supporting their own health. Her legacy is indelible...

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